Welcome to MESSY CHURCH :  


Our next Messy Church will be

 on October 24th ,2023, 5:30 to 7:00 pm

continuing on, October 24 and December 6

October’s theme is ” Feeding the 5000 “

Information on MESSY CHURCH

MESSY CHURCH, founded in England in 2004 by the Anglican Church , now has over 4,000 registered churches of all denominations in more than 39 countries.

The Canadian Messy Church is supported, resourced and enabled by BRF.UK (The Bible Reading Fellowship )  and Messy Church Canada (TMUC, Transcona Memorial United Church, (Carol Fletcher, Coordinator))

BRF(UK) is Christian Charity. Their vision is to enable people of all ages to grow in faith and understanding of their bible. to see more people equipped to exercise their gifts in leadership roles.

The five values of Messy Church are:

Christ Centered, All Ages, Creativity, Hospitality and Celebration. 

The evening is built around a bible theme and includes:

Fellowship, activities , music, story, prayer and concludes with a meal.

We are excited about this program for all ages and invite you to come and share in the fun. All children are to be accompanied by an adult.

For more information about MESSY CHURCH, visit the MESSY CHURCH website, Messy Church Canada,

If this ministry interests you, please consider joining our team contact

Lindy (461-1024), Hazel (204 513-1156) or Joyce (479-6394). (Coordinators)