Our History:


                 This unpretentious, dignified little church at the corner of 2nd St. West and 1st Ave North has been standing for 136 years due to loving care and ministering of its parish family. It is reported that its first church service in the new church took place at 11:00 o’clock July 8, 1882 with Bishop Machray (later Archbishop) officiating.

             The exterior of the Church of the Ascension, built from the local limestone, remains as solid and peaceful as the day it was built.

             The chancel was added during the ministry of Rev. E. L. Howe in 1906. As the church structure remains resolute through time and weather , its interior has continually adapted to the growing needs of its congregation.

             When looking at the history of the church one cannot forget to mention the beautiful stained glass windows that are so much a part of the church. The large centre altar window (seen above) was installed in 1907 and was given in the memory of ,Anna Claire Jackson, daughter of Samuel (Stonewall) Jackson, founder of the town of Stonewall. It was refurbished in 1992 and rededicated at the 110th anniversary celebrations. Bordering this window are two smaller windows originally donated by the Sunday School in 1907. other windows on the west end of the church were given in memory of congregation members who lost their lives during World War 1 between 1914-1918 and the Pearson family donated the “Rose” window above the entrance way door in 1965.

             The story of the parish would not be complete without the mention of the parish hall (Parochial Hall) that was built in 1901 because the Sunday School was getting to big to meet in the church. It is reported to have cost $815.00 to build, was renovated in 1948 but eventually had to be replaced and was demolished in the summer of 2001 and a new hall built in 2002 at a cost of $300,000.00.

             Other Churches that are associated with us are St. Peter’s ( Deconsecrated 2013 )in Balmoral and All Saint Victoria which is located on Road 81N off of Hwy 7.


Our Church Community:


             We have approximately 100 families on the parish list. We have also an active Anglican Church Women (ACW) organization, they put on Teas, garage sales, single seniors suppers as well as supporting and sponsoring foster children for other counties.

             The Visitation group is very busy visiting people in our senior homes here in Stonewall and the Hospital. Our hall is used by the Girl Guides of Canada for their regular meetings, we also have other organizations who use the hall.

             There is a small Prayer group that meets weekly along with the Minister to discuss the weeks lections and celebrate Eucharist together. We also have a Bible study meeting weekly, it starts in September and runs until the end of May with a break for Christmas.

             Some of the other group that are in our church is the Alter guild, Worship committee, a social committee. If you wish to learn more click on the “Parish Profile” link to get our Parish Profile in PDF format


Our Dioceses


Our Church is part of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land .The Diocese is divided geographically into four Archdeaconries, each with an Archdeacon providing administrative oversight. Each Archdeaconry is made up of two Deaneries, each overseen by a District Dean, with the exception of the Archdeaconry of Kenora/St. Alban which in itself is considered both an Archdeaconry and a Deanery.


Our Church is located in the Archdeaconry of Selkirk-St. Andrews with Deacons for the Matheson Deanery.


If you wish more information on the Dioceses of Rupert’s Land click here or the Anglican Church of Canada just click the links.


Church of the Ascension

The Stain Glass window in the SantuaryThe Church of the Ascension decorated for Christmas.

Stonewall Anglican Church

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