We had the 117 Synod on Saturday 17th October for a video of the Synod you can click on the link below:

Link to the Video Recording of the 117th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land

Our Church is part of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land .The Diocese is divided geographically into four Archdeaconries, each with an Archdeacon providing administrative oversight. Each Archdeaconry is made up of two Deaneries, each overseen by a District Dean, with the exception of the Archdeaconry of Kenora/St. Alban which in itself is considered both an Archdeaconry and a Deanery. Our Church is located in the Archdeaconry of Selkirk-St. Andrews with Deacons for the Matheson Deanery.

 The Diocesan website would be a good source of information and resources for anyone wishing to take advantage of them. The link is to the Diocese WEB site. Resources available at the Diocese Of Rubert’s Land WEB site at Diocese of Rupert’s Land  

“We are now into Pentecost”

The Bishop will be  live-streaming worship on Sundays from Anglican Lutheran Centre at 10 am, you can click on the link here.  https://www.twitch.tv/rupertsland and will, from time to time, post prayers on his Facebook page.

If you are interested in downloading or viewing a Book of Common Prayer or Book of Alternative Services please check out this link to the Anglican Church of Canada https://www.anglican.ca/about/liturgicaltexts

For more information check out :

Anglican Communion WEB Site : http://www.anglicancommunion.org/